Established head office in Shenzhen, China.


Established manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China


Product line expansion from RAM to SSD


Expansion of production facilities


Establishment of the International Sales Team


With over 10 years of computer peripheral production and sales experience, BillionR has built up a strong center in China for production, R&D, sales, and customer service. Distributing around a hundred thousand units a month of SSDs and RAM modules to Mainland China market in which we are major in normal distribution channels and integrator houses, like AOC China, Acer China, and notebook maker. BR now looks to expand its market on a global scale, with the subsidiary companies in Hong Kong as a stepping stone for the worldwide market. Through real-time market information and market characteristics, BillionR uses differentiating sales strategies with a global vision and localized channel management to establish a closed distribution network. 

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