Warranty Disclaimer

Replacement/repair will not be provided under the following conditions: 

-Fake or counterfeit products.
-Non-functional damages; such as damaged, removed or reapplied product labels or warranty stickers preventing the product to be identified as a genuine BillionR. product.
-Products damaged due to accidents such as damaged/missing warranty sticker, improper use, improper operating environment, wear and tear, non-natural or man-made damages, or any unauthorized dismantling, fixing and replacing of the product.
-Severe damage, such as ruptured/burnt/damaged PCB, burnt connector or horizontal scratches, lost/damaged/dropped/burnt internal components.
-Any man-made damage such as deformed casing, malicious operations, damage due to virus attack or adverse operating environment, etc.
-BillionR. only provides product warranty services; the warranty coverage does not include third-party software, connected equipment, or saved data.
-Customers must save and backup their own data, BillionR. will not be held responsible for the loss of existing data within the defective product.

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